Frequently Asked Questions

What is was created to independent customers, freelancers and agencies. parties of all kinds of independent professionals with companies and people who need their skills.

Why can be used low charge for individuals and companies looking for freelancers and agencies. contains a list of large and growing continues to freelance around the world. Anyone can create projects for free.

How do i choose the project winner?

You can choose the project winner anytime by going to "myproject" in the menu menu and and choose the nominated winner.

Then you need to finalise the payment before developer can accept and start to work on your project.

What do i do after i bid on the project?

You need to go to "mybids" in the menu and check to see if you have been selected. if you are selected winner for

the project , then you have the choice to accept or deny the project.


Wha happens after i accept the project?

If you are accepting hourly project then you are able to log on the software and start to work. software will calculate

every hour and minutes followed plus records snapshot every 5 minutes in your report page under "hourly" in the website menu.

Wha happens after i deny the project?

You will lose that project but you are able to bid or work on other projects. An email will be sent to employer to let him/her know

you have denied the project.

Wha are status "working"," frozen", "delete","stop","closed" mean?

Working: the project is active. developer and employer can chat together.Hourly software active to use.

Frozen: The project is in waiting this stage developer need to accept or deny the prject.

Deleted: the project has been deleted by employer.

Stop: Hourly project has been stopped by employer or project hours has reached total hours.

Closed: project has been closed by employer.


What and where is notification page?

Notification is announcement to show all the activities happening in your woking time and it's under "news" in menu.


How can i invite my friends?

Just go under "news" and click on "invite friends". An invitation will be sent to them to join


How to edit my profile and skills?

It's under profile "edit profile".


How do i change my password?

please go to edit profile to chnage password or update details.




What it means to be a full member?

To apply for a project that needs to be a full member. As a full member, you will be paying $50 per month. You will not pay commission for one month and you are allowed to post project as many as you want. your data will remain available for visitors to the, and you will be able to bid for each project listed is interested in directly from your account. You will always be informed about new projects by electronic mail (e-mail will receive your regular mail box - is an optional feature). Customers can contact you for your inbox (you will be notified about new e-mail from a customer for a regular mailbox). These emails are monitored by us to prevent spam and false claims for services.

Full time memeber only apply to fix price projects.

Does your payment system secure?

We take all security measures to ensure your information is safe and our sites use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) when transmitting all sensitive personal information.

How I can get paid ?

We recommend the milestone payment system for fix project or use our hourly secure software  to collect payments from buyer. This hourly system work with java. java is free and can be downloaded from Here. You negotiate and agree on payment plans with outsourcers. You will be contacted directly on the project and project outsourcers to arrange payment.

Get paid %100 securly by our hourly system. get paid for every hour and minutes follows.

How is the order of the self-employed are presented in the research?

The search engine takes the following factors into account when displaying the results: the type of membership (full members only appear in the results), note the comments of users, the date of accession and in the popularity.

What should I do to stop receiving e-mail?

Please contact admin at [email protected]
to remove your name from emails and news subscriptions or go to my profile and unclick the subscription check box.


How does hourly software work?

After you download our hourly software from download page , you need to login with the same username and password which you

used in the website. You are able to select the project and start to work.

Software will take picture every 5 minutes from your monitor screen to ensure buyer that you are working on the project.

Developers can see the snapshots, time sheet and report payment page inside the website under hourly menu.

Employers and buyers need to go inside the website click on myproject under menu and click on developer's name to see his/her

work report.




Why am I not receiving email notifications about all the projects?

E-mail notifications are about projects that are sent when the signs confirmed their projects in other freelancers are not aware of any new project on our recieve email based on your entered activate, just go to myprofile and click on check box.

What are the fees for using

Our fees are %5 for all developers for both fix or hourly projects.

Employer, Buyer will not pay any service fee to they only pay to developer , service providers.


NOTE: GST will be added to fees as required by law.

Benefits for workers and hirer.
As an Employer, you can gain a competitive advantage over your competition by tapping into a skilled global workforce on demand. is available for small to medium businesses! Whether it's a website that needs building, business cards or stationary that needs designing, a product that needs to be designed or manufactured, or research that needs to be done, this is your place!
As a freelancer you can tap into a global network of businesses and projects, the ultimate opportunity in job flexibility!
Work on what you want, when you want and where you want to! The lifestyle of a Freelancer is taking off and gives unparalleled job flexibility.
By working as a Freelancer online, you can greatly increase your client base and job throughput.
You can work at home and tap into a global pool of employers across a huge range of industries!
Accessing your profile.
Login on and click on mypofile and update the details
Account suspension
There are several possible causes for suspension of a member’s account. Account suspension may be due to activity as a Buyer or Provider. Please check to see if any of the conditions below apply:
• Contact information or links to contact information posted in a project description, bid, or in the message boards. This is the most common reason for project removal and account suspension. Posting contact information is prohibited with the exception of projects in the "Full Time" section.
• Posting invalid or disallowed content in a project description, bid or in the message boards: This may include advertisements, illegal or inappropriate information.
• Posting a request for any exchange of funds between accounts without a valid project. does not provide money transfer service. Any transactions meeting this criterion will be reversed.
• Creation of multiple accounts. Members are allowed only one account, which can be used for both hiring and acquiring jobs.
• Your account balance has been negative for 30 days or more.
• Any action that violates the Terms of Service may result in account suspension or termination. Please read and understand the Terms of Service before using our services.
• For more questions regarding closing, cancelling accounts or any other issues please contact us.
Full time project.
Full Time job advertisements incur a fee of $50 per month.
You will save 100% on commissions. There will be no charge based on the value of the work to either you or the workers and buyers . full time project will only affect fix price projects.
No commissions’ means potential Freelancers will be able to make lower bids. Also, unlike normal projects, Freelancers are allowed to bid in any way you like.
Feedback will only be available to one service provider.
Invalid project.
We do not allow projects whose content may create liability for, harm its business operation or reputation, or cause to lose the services of its suppliers. We consider the following projects as invalid and do not refund fees:
• PVA related projects
• eBay account creation
• Email account creations - includes social network accounts, etc.
• Money transfer and exchange
• Cloning of websites
• Captcha Projects
• Hacking
• Selling of end products
• Advertising services
• Selling of stolen scripts
• Buying/Selling of Accounts
• Craigslist Projects
• eBay Scam Projects
• Invite A friend to
To invite a Freelancer please go to his profile page and click "Invite Provider

Milestone Payments . has a special, non-compulsory feature, which allows controlled payments to be made with respect to a project to a Freelancer. At your request, will accept an advance payment from an Employer for a project. We will hold such funds ("Milestone Payments") until the Employer and the Freelancer agree that the funds should be released to the Freelancer or until the Employer and the Freelancer have concluded the process of the Dispute Resolution Services. Once an Employer instructs to pay a Freelancer that performed a service for him/her, the Employer acknowledges that the Freelancer has completed the service fully and satisfactory.

For more information please contact us here