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Workandhire for users
The software works like your own virtual office space, this will provide transparency for employer and contractor, connectivity between them, proof for the work done and importantly guaranteed payment.

Software is specially designed for collaborate with all workandhire users.
Every user can chat, share screencaps with their team.
Employers can manage their contractors progress on projects,  see them in action. Every hour work is hour billed, so know how your money workout.
Contractors can chat with their team members as if they were in same room. Automatically records your screen shot to prove your work to the employer and guarantee your payment for hours you worked.
The software is 100% safe. Your privacy, your workandhire profile and your computer is well protected. High-end servers monitor every kind of harmful activities regarding the software.

For using hourly system , you need to download one software per computer. you are only

allowed to login on one computer at each time . if you need to change your working computer , you must log out from current software and login to new computer.

Just a reminder abusing software by login same username on few computer at the same time will result to lose your working hours.

Software instruction:
Follow the steps below..

1.Download java 1.6 or higher if you do not have java installed on your computer.
2. Download the software workandhire-setup apps package and install the apps on your pc.. Enter your username and password, select any ongoing hourly project and start working on your project .

Test software on your computer: You can test workandhire software by click test mode check box before entering your user name and password and select test project to see software functionalities including taking snapshots.

Please put workandhire-login in your antivirus allowed list.We assure you that your details will kept private between your team and employer.
Software will not create any security threat to your system.


System requirements:

Java 9 or higher installed on your computer to be able to work on software.


System processor 32 bits or 64 bits.

window 7 or above

Software size: 6.3 MB


Download windows Download linux Download mac
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