The Best Freelance Platform for Freelancers Work either Milestone or Hourly

Hourly Software

Earn money for every minute of your work!

Both the employer and the freelancer can access the full report, timer, and snapshots.

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Hourly software

What is hourly software?

Hourly Software is a virtual workspace solution designed to enhance transparency between employers and contractors. It functions as a dedicated platform, fostering connectivity and trust by offering documented evidence of completed work and ensuring reliable payment.

Tailored specifically for seamless collaboration among all users of the WorkAndHire platform, this software facilitates real-time communication and content sharing among team members. Employers gain the ability to oversee the progress of their contractors' projects and witness their active engagement. With a focus on accurate billing, every unit of work done per hour translates directly into billing, providing a clear understanding of financial transactions.

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Advantages of Utilizing Hourly Software

One softwar for all

The software enables instant interaction with fellow team members, simulating a shared workspace experience. Automated screenshot capture substantiates the work accomplished, offering concrete proof to employers and securing payment for the hours invested.

The software is entirely secure, ensuring the safety of your privacy, workandhire profile, and computer. Advanced servers diligently track and prevent any malicious activities associated with the software.

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One software per computer

Important information about the hourly software

To utilize the hourly system, it's necessary to download a specific software for each individual computer. You're restricted to logging in from a single computer at any given time. Should you wish to switch to a different working computer, the protocol involves logging out from the current software and then logging into the new computer. It's important to emphasize that exploiting the software by simultaneously logging in with the same username on multiple computers will lead to a deduction in your accumulated working hours. Our hourly software is secure and safe and creates a proper report based on the time you spent. This way you get paid exactly minute by minute. hourly software also takes images of your work every five minutes. This gives the client peace of mind to see their freelancers are working.

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Software Instructions:

Follow the steps outlined below:

If you do not have Java installed on your computer, please download Java 8 or a higher version.

Download the "workandhire-setup" apps package. Install the applications on your PC. Enter your username and password, then choose an ongoing hourly project to begin working on your assignment.

Testing the Software on Your Computer:

You can evaluate the workandhire software by selecting the "Test Mode" checkbox before entering your username and password. Opt for the test project to explore the software's functionalities, including the ability to capture snapshots.

Important Security Note:

Please ensure that "workandhire-login" is added to your antivirus' allowed list. Rest assured, your information will remain confidential between you, your team, and your employer. The software poses no security threats to your system.

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System requirements: Java 9 or higher installed on your computer to be able to work on software.

System processor 32 bits or 64 bits.

window 7 or above

Software size: 6.3 MB

Download windows Download linux Download mac
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