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$5.0 USD/hour
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Username: aisha34   img
Country: Pakistan
English Level: Excellent
Language Spoken: English
Keywords: Relationship advice, Spiritual coaching, Psychic reading
Response Time 4 Hrs
Looking For: Hire
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As a certified Reiki Master, I work with Archangels and other Higher Beings to provide effective distant Reiki healing.


Benefits of the Reiki Healing 

  • Release of Stress and Anxiety
  • Inspired Creativity
  • Financial Abundance 
  • Relief from Fatigue and Exhaustion
  • A Feeling of a Relaxed State of Mind
  • Mood uplift, and Positive Attitude
  • Enhancing Sleep Quality
  • Cleansing Disturbing Energies, Detox of the Body
  • Mind, Body and Spirit Clarity, Focus
  • Acceleration of self-healing of the body and Mind


I use different techniques in combination with Reiki such as Pranic, Angelic, Crystal, and Heart Energy to ensure the life force energy of the individual is restored to 100% resulting in a balanced life at all levels of being. 


YOU will feel the purest form of the Divine Light bringing you harmony and peace while removing energy blockages. Do not fight pain, illnesses, and woes alone! Reiki is intelligent and helps where you most need it! Reiki works with your own natural self-healing ability!


THIS IS A REMOTE SESSION, which I do in my own time. Scheduling is possible through the extras, please consult with me first!

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I will do powerful reiki energy, soul healing by spiritual powers


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Spiritual Healing,

relationship coach, astrologer, spiritual & healing,



Welcome to the Place of peace and relaxation


Hi, I am Asia,


  • I'm very pleased to tell you that I'm here to provide you the reiki healing for your energy and soul.
  • In my healing session I will with the help of my spiritual powers heal your damaged energy and soul and provide you with the following benefits:


Relaxation to your soul and energy

Reduce Stress

 Reduce Anxiety

Remove negative vibes

provide Positivity

provide you peace

improve balance and chakra


  • and many more positive advantages to your energy and soul.


Along with the reiki session, I'm pleased to tell you that I will also remove all kinds of negativities from your energy depending on the service you choose.

And the good thing is that I will also provide service to make reiki sessions to heal your all family members' energies as well.


So come and join me to experience a new evolution of reiki healing with help of my spiritual powers. it is more effective and easier than all other techniques of reiki sessions.

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Delivery Time
reiki / healing of energy
I will heal your damaged energy and soul with the help of my spiritual powers
2 Days
healing + removal of neag
along with the healing session, I will remove all kinds of negativities as well from you
2 Days
reiki / healing for full
i will do reiki healing for your whole family
2 Days