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$60.0 USD/hour
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Country: India
English Level: Excellent
Language Spoken: English
Average hourly rate $60
Response Time 2 Hrs
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About Me:
<p>I am a certified yoga teacher and author. I have been helping clients improve their health and habits through yoga and meditation. My goal is to create classes that anyone can incorporate into their busy schedules. I will create a class that suits your specific needs such as lower back stiffness, yoga for jiu Jitsu, anxiety relief, self-love, and more. Yoga has been proven to be beneficial for a number of conditions such as depression and chronic pain. I look forward to helping you.</p>
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I will provide prerecorded fitness videos on whitebackgound


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Health-Nutrition & Fitness,

yoga, yoga class, Yoga lessons,



Upper body

  1. Downward dog
  2. Inchworm
  3. Reverse snow angels
  4. Shoulder blade squeeze
  5. Straight arm circles
  6. Upper body lifts
  7. Chest press
  8. Kneeling push up
  9. Single-led tricep dips
  10. Tricep dips elevated
  11. Tricep dips
  12. Up-down planks
  13. Wall push-ups

Lower body 

  1. Lunges
  2. Bulgarian split squat
  3. Gluteal bridge (isometric)
  4. Gluteal bridge
  5. Gluteal squeeze
  6. Good morning
  7. Leg slides bended knees
  8. Leg slides 
  9. Pelvic tilts 
  10. Tin soldier
  11. Advanced shrimp squat
  12. Butt kicks
  13. Calf raises
  14. Courtesy lounge + high knee
  15. Flamingo squat 
  16. Intermediate shrimp squat
  17. Isometric squat
  18. Reverse flutter
  19. Split squat
  20. Sprinter lunges
  21. Squat
  22. Step-ups with knee raise
  23. Step-ups


  1. Bird dog
  2. Partial crunches
  3. Reverse pike
  4. Reverse plan with leg lift
  5. Side crunch
  6. Side plank march
  7. Side plank
  8. Transverse abdominal contraction
  9. Transverse abdominal march
  10. Cross crunches
  11. Flutter kicks
  12. Knee pull-ins
  13. Leg raises hold (6 inches)
  14. Plank jacks
  15. Raised legs hold
  16. Reverse crunches
  17. Side plank 
  18. Side plank underreach 
  19. Side plank
  20. Single-leg alternating leg raises
  21. Sit-ups
  22. Sprinters
  23. Bicycle crunch 
  24. Crunches
  25. High crunch
  26. Hundred
  27. knee crunches - dead bug
  28. Long arm crunches
  29. Wall wiper

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Delivery Time
100 video exercises
Exercises listed in the description or $10 x exercise
3 Days